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During the 1930s and 40s, countless numbers of serials were produced by studios such as Universal, Columbia, and Republic. While regarded as having the lowest status in the industry due to their comic book concepts and low budgets, movie serials were an important item on the Saturday Matinee program. These chaptered adventures were hugely popular with juvenile audiences, offering exciting, imaginative stories with heroic figures and great character actors in supporting roles. At the same time, the low budgets and short shooting schedules established a very systematic form of efficient production that proved practical with the emergence of filmed television series in the 1950s.

We are proud to offer this fine selection of serials transferred from the best surviving film elements. Includes all chapters packaged as a two-DVD set.


$14.95 DVD


Radar Men From The Moon (Republic)

This is the exciting 1951 serial that introduced the character of Commando Cody and inspired the 1991 film, The Rocketeer. Produced at the end of the serial cycle, this story discusses the application of atomic energy to launch an Earth invasion by inhabitants of The Moon. Stars George Wallace as Commando Cody, with Clayton Moore out of his Lone Ranger role, playing a villain. 12 chapters.


Undersea Kingdom (Republic)

The great Science Fiction serial from 1936 starring Ray “Crash” Corrigan. This is the original classic adventure featuring the Rocket Submarine that takes Corrigan and his team to the lost city of Atlantis only to become caught up in a civil war with ray guns, flying ships, and robots. 12 Chapters.

$14.95 DVD


$14.95 DVD

Zorro's Black Whip (Republic)

Stars Linda Stirling this 1944 serial as the screen's only female Zorro! 12 Chapters.


Zorro's Fighting Legion (Republic)

Zorro and his legion are on the trail of a man posing as the ancient god, Don Del Oro. Stars Reed Hadley in this 1939 serial. 12 Chapters.

$14.95 DVD