Mutt and Jeff

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The tall and short comic duo was first teamed up by cartoonist Bud Fisher in 1908, and quickly became a part of American Culture. They were among the first comic strip characters to be adapted to animation beginning in 1916, and were the first animated characters to display personalities in the movies. The format of the Mutt and Jeff comedy would be imitated by live action comedians such as Abbott and Costello a generation later.


Approx. 60 mins.

"Ray Pointer and Inkwell Images is to be commended for spotlighting these largely forgotten early cartoon films, and presenting them is such an informative and insightful light...this is the first home video presentation to feature Bud Fishers’ 'Mutt and Jeff' cartoon films in one definitive collection."

Del Walker, DVDToons


..."This new DVD compilation is something to behold!"

Pietro Shakarian, Golden Age Cartoons


Flapjacks (1917)
Cramps (1916)
Where Am I? (1925)
The Big Swim (1925)
Dog Gone (1926)
A Kick For Cinderella (1926)
Where Am I? (1930 sound color version)
The Globe Trotters (1927 black and white version)
The Globe Trotters (1930 sound color version)


Extras: Poster Gallery and Bonus Cartoons:

Westward Whoa! (original 1926 black and white version with 1930 soundtrack)
Westward Whoa! (1930 sound color version)
Slick Sleuths (original 1926 black and white version with 1930 soundtrack)
Slick Sleuths (1930 sound color version)
Lots of Water (1925)