The Film Parade

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Approx. 37 min.
Black and White

Note Rated

This DVD features two classic histories of the movies, both containing important historical content.

The first is J. Stuart Blackton’s March Of The Movies (1933), compiled and narrated by Blackton, who was one of the founders of Edison’s Vitagraph Company. Noteworthy to animation fans is Blackton’s historic Humorous Phases Of Funny Faces (1906), the earliest use of animated drawings. And while an expanded version was released in 1957, this is the original documentary by Blackton, one of the significant film pioneers of The Victorian Age. (Approx. 18 min.)

The Pictures, a.k.a. The Film Parade (1947) is a British production written and directed by Howard Gaye, with narration by Kent Stevenson. This documentary is often confused with J. Stuart Blackton’s March Of The Movies, as it also traces the development of motion pictures from its earliest concepts, and pays tribute to pioneers William Freeze-Green, Auguste and Louis Lumiere, and Thomas Edison, leading up to the introduction of sound. Included are highlights of the greatest moments in film history including Sarah Bernhard in La Dame aux Camelias (1910), Charles Chaplin in The Champion (1910), Mary Pickford in Simple Charity (1910), Tom Mix in The Stagecoach Guard (1915), and Marlene Dietrich in Der Blaue Engel (1930). (Approx. 19 min.)