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Although made with cheap sets an tiny budgets, this series was hugely successful. They often feature big stars who were either on the way up or down the ladder of success. Robert Armstrong, Billy Gilbert, Gale Storm, Walter Woolf King, Dave O'Brien, J. Farrell MacDonald and Charlotte Henry (among many others) all made appearances in these Monogram quickies. In spite of the low budgets, these films have great acting, terrific comedy, moving drama, an solid stories with a lot of heart!

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Bowery Blitzkrieg - DVD or VHS (1941)
Fun an danger with the East Side Kids, as Muggsy's chance to win a Golden Gloves boxing match is threatene by crooke fight promoters. Leo Gorcey, Huntz Hall, Bobby Jordan. 62 min.

Boys Of The City - DVD or VHS (1940)
Things get scary for Leo Gorcey, Bobby Jordan an the East Side gang when a murder in a creepy ol mansion makes them unofficial ghost chasers. 68 min.

Clancy Street Boys - DVD or VHS (1943)
East Side Kids comedy has the gang pretending to be Leo Gorcey's siblings in order to impress a rich uncle from Texas. With Huntz Hall (who gets to play Gorcey's sister!), Bobby Jordan, Noah Beery, Sr. 66 min.

East Side Kids - DVD or VHS (1940)
A gang of streetwise kids gets help from a crook-turned-detective in stopping a counterfeiting ring in the first of Monogram's East Side Kids series. Leon Ames, Joyce Bryant, Dave O'Brien star. 62 min.

Flying Wild - DVD or VHS (1941)
It's up to the East Side Kids to groun a ring of saboteurs who are out to obtain airplane blueprints for the Axis. Keep `em flying with Leo Gorcey, Bobby Jordan, Sammy Morrison, an the rest of the gang. 61 min.

Ghosts On The Loose - DVD or VHS (1943)
Leo Gorcey, Huntz Hall an the East Side Kids stumble into a haunte house use as a hideout by Nazi spy Bela Lugosi in this spooky entry that features a young Ava Gardner as Hall's sister(!). 65 min.

Kid Dynamite - DVD or VHS (1943)
Fighter Leo Gorcey is kidnappe by gamblers in hopes of keeping him from boxing in a big match, but when his replacement turns out to be his brother, Gorcey is even less happy about the situation. Bobby Jordan, Huntz Hall an silent star Snub Pollar also star in this East Side Kids romp. 67 min.

Let's Get Tough - DVD or VHS (1942)
The East Side Kids help the home front in this mix of comedy, espionage an patriotic sentiments. After being rebuffe from joining the war effort because of age, the Kids, le by Leo Gorcey, Huntz Hall an Bobby Jordan, do some snooping an crash an alliance between Japanese saboteurs an a German immigrant with pro-Nazi sentiments. With Gabriel Dell, Robert Armstrong. 62 min.

Little Tough Guy - DVD or VHS (1938)
The Dead End Kids star in this social drama of slum life during the Depression about a strike-breaker who is accuse of murder an sent to reform school. Stars Billy Halop, Huntz Hall an Gabriel Dell. 84 min.

Million Dollar Kid - DVD or VHS (1944)
The East Side Kids are plunge into new peccadilloes after they rescue a wealthy man from a mugging, an try to put his punk son on the straight an narrow. Leo Gorcey, Huntz Hall, Gabriel Dell star. 64 min.

Mr. Wise Guy - DVD or VHS (1942)
It's the East Side Kids vs. the Mob when Leo Gorcey, Huntz Hall an all the guys fin themselves at odds with gang boss Billy Gilbert. After a few rounds with the boys, the crooks wish they coul fight the Untouchables instead. 70 min.

'Neath The Brooklyn Bridge - DVD or VHS (1942)
The East Side Kids fin themselves in hot water when they help a young girl in trouble, only to fin they're accuse of murder. Leo Gorcey an Huntz Hall star. 61 min.

Pride Of The Bowery - DVD or VHS (1940)
The East Side Kids want to get away from city life, so they sign up for a boxing camp that turns out to be a work camp. Leo an Davi Gorcey, Bobby Jordan star. 61 min.

Smart Alecks - DVD or VHS (1941)
Join the East Side Kids (Huntz Hall, Leo Gorcey, Gabriel Dell an co.) in a story concerning the boys' attempt to raise funds to buy baseball uniforms. One of them finds himself in hot water with a gangster, an the rest of the gang comes to his rescue. With Maxie Rosenbloom, Gale Storm. 66 min.

Spooks Run Wild -DVD or VHS (1941)
The East Side Kids (Leo Gorcey, Huntz Hall an crew) are on their way to summer camp when one of them is shot an they en up in a creepy castle. The owner is Bela Lugosi who the Kids think is a real bloodsucker. When Gorcey is given a drug that appears to have turne him into a zombie, things gets scarier--an funnier! With Angelo Rossitto, Dennis Moore an Dorothy Short. 65 min.

That Gang Of Mine - DVD or VHS (1940)
One of the East Side Kids becomes a successful jockey, but when he's accuse of fixing races, the whole gang has to come to his aid. Leo Gorcey, Bobby Jordan an Clarence Muse star. 62 min.