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How To Draw Caricatures Series
The Secrets of The Professional Caricaturist Revealed!

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Tape 1 - The One Minute Caricature
The One Minute Caricature is the first in a series of tapes that describes the process of caricaturing. Ideal for the beginner, this tape covers the profile the easiest to learn and the fastest to draw.

START MAKING MONEY RIGHT AWAY drawing at parties or conventions by following Jim's simplified approach to drawing the head and body.

This technique has been time tested, handed down from the masters of the theme park caricaturists and their secrets revealed for you in this 70 minute tape. Join the many other artists who havelearned the method and are now earning up to $100 per hour or more. Other special sections include constructing gags for sports, hobbies, and professions and how to find the markets for your work.

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Tape 2 - The Front View
Be the life of the party! Learn to draw caricatures and earn money too. This tape teaches the front view caricature you see done at parties, convention centers and amusement parks. Learn to capture an exaggerated likeness with incredible speed by following Jim's easy to follow instructions. This is the ideal reference tape for anyone interested in learning about caricatures. Very handy for portrait artists, too! Clear, concise information is presented with colorful graphics and plenty of examples, drawing tips, and insights. There is even a section on how to apply color to your drawings quickly and easily for maximum efficiency. Combine this tape with Tape I, (The One Minute Caricature), and you are on your way to making big bucks as a professional caricaturist. No where else is so much information packed into 70 minutes. This tape is also an excellent reference for the practicing professional.

$49.99 VHS

Tape 3 - Exaggeration and the Creative Process
How do you exaggerate the face and still get a likeness? What tricks are there to help you out? How far can you push an exaggeration? What are some good examples from professional caricaturists today? The answers are in this video! Jim invites you into his studio and shows you "a behind the scenes" look at the creative process of producing caricatures fit for illustration or framing. Recognizable celebrities are used as examples so you can judge for yourself how well a likeness was achieved. While Jim sketches, you see all the rough drawings, trials and errors, and near misses until he finally comes to the finished product that he's pleased with. You learn to exaggerate beyond the quick sketch technique of the party caricature as describes in Tapes I and 2. Three examples are completed in three different mediums, colored pencil, airbrush, and mixed media. A bonus section includes a series of five minute "first impression" sketches of celebrities picked from various photos to inspire you to let loose and have fun with the art of caricature. An extremely detailed analysis of exaggeration is presented as an aid to understanding caricaturing in its strictest sense, filled with examples from modern day masters, Phillip Burke, David Cowles, Robert Risko, and Steve Brodner. There's even a humorous spot of animation to help illustrate some of the finer points of stretching a likeness. This is a highly entertaining and informative 70 minute video worthy of your tape library.

$49.99 VHS

Tape 4 - The Creative Process Continued
This video continues with more in depth demonstrations of famous people so you can follow along and monitor the likeness in the same way as Tape 3, Exaggeration and the Creative Process. You will witness drawing develop from the very rough stages to final caricature, one of which will be carried out to the medium of pen and ink. The last section includes seven quick, 5 minute sketches of well known celebrities designed to inspire you to let loose and experiment with outrageous exaggerations. These demonstrations give you tremendous insight into the actual thought process of creating a caricature fit for framing or print.

$49.99 VHS

101 Gag Ideas from The One Mnute Caricaturist
When I first started drawing caricatures at parties, I was so nervous, my drawing hand shook like a misfiring engine. Would they like it? Was it funny? I had soon realized that my insecurity came from a lack of gag ideas -- some standard, sure fire jokes for most sports or hobbies that would work in a pinch. If I just had a book of time tested gags that worked back then I would have avoided all that wasted energy and done much better! But now you can! With this book you can avoid the panic and start making your customers howl with laughter at themselves. I have gathered some of the most popular gags to popular sports, hobbies, and professions that you will encounter. This is an important reference source. Order this book!

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