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Approx. 90 min.

$19.95 DVD


Want to spend All Hallows' Eve with some frightfully old cartoons?

The Tom Stathes Halloween Cartoon Reel will raise the hair on your arms! So lock the doors, draw the curtains, grab some holy water, pop in this DVD and relax... if you can!

First up are ultra-rare shorts from the silent era. See Krazy Kat face The Awful Spook (1921). Watch how Felix The Ghost Breaker (1923) feigns bravery, with Max Fleischer following suit in Ko-Ko’s Haunted House (1928). See ghostly Klansmen turn dogs into sausages in Alice's Mysterious Mystery (1926), an early Walt Disney production.

These films are presented silent, without any musical accompaniment - so you can listen for spirits creeping around your home!

Favorite sound cartoons follow next. Waffles and Don are stuck on a Haunted Ship (1930) while Tom and Jerry (humans, not the cat and mouse!) exclaim Wot A Night (1931) in two Van Beuren Studios productions. Vulcan Entertains (1934) Willie Whopper in Hell - and then it's time to meet Casper, the Friendly Ghost (1945).

Bonus films include a color stop-motion short and Goofy Ghosts (1928), a two-reel Al Christie Comedy with Jimmie Adams.

The films in this set are not yet restored, presented as they have been found.

Color/Black and White