Revised Edition

Approx. 80 minutes

$21.95 DVD

"This is a superior compilation of ten vintage cartoons. There’s excellent documentary material between each film, and all the cartoons are mastered from the best sources available...all of the films contained in this revised edition are uncut and do not have DVNR."

Jerry Beck,
Cartoon Brew


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This 60-minute program showcases the landmark series that launched the Disney Studio. It has always been though that is all began with a mouse, but its foundation was actually build on a little girl. These Alice Comedies have not been seen in over 40 years and offer a fascinating look at Disney's early efforts as a beginning producer, director, and storyteller.

The Alice Story... 

Alice In The Jungle (1925) uncensored
Alice's Egg Plant (1925) uncensored
Alice Solves The Puzzle (1925)
Alice Wins The Derby (1925)
Alice Gets Stage Struck (1925)
Alice Rattled By Rats (1925)
Alice's Orphan (1926) restored sequence
Alice The Whaler (1927) complete

Bonus Cartoons:
Alice The Toredor (1924)
Alice On The Farm (1925)

Plus colorful Poster Gallery

Color/Black and White