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GOLD REMI Cultural Award
Best Documentary

Houston International
Film and Video Festival


In celebration of the Centennial of American Animation, Before Walt is being released in this updated version with new material that traces the entire development of animated cartoons from the earliest concepts. This new program uses original animation sequences plus clips from commercials and industrial films by producer/director Ray Pointer.

The Centennial of American Animation...

Humorous Phases Of Funny Faces (Blackton 1906)
Fantasmagorie (Cohl 1907)
Little Nemo (McCay 1911)
Us Fellers: Dud Leaves Home (Carlson 1919)
The Circus (Fleischer 1920)
Barnyard Olympics (Terry 1924)

The rare complete version of:
Felix All Puzzled (Sullivan/Messmer 1924)

And early Disney works including:
Newman's Laugh-O-Grams (1921)
Puss In Boots (1922)
Alice Solves The Puzzle (1925)